Healthcare Medical Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Research Case Studies
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Patient Communication in Healthcare: Is it Clear?

A medical device manufacturer approached Mystery Shopping about filling in the blanks on an important element of the company’s sales process. The manufacturer needed details on how doctors’ offices presented their product’s information when they received phone inquiries about the device. What did prospective patients hear when they called to inquire about the product and the medical procedure? The manufacturer provided training for the office staff at nationwide practices on just how to handle the phone inquiries, and they desired to assess its effectiveness.

Mystery Shopping’s telephone mystery shopping provided the answers. Factors that greatly impact the manufacturer’s sales results were measured, including staff product knowledge, ability to answer questions confidently and an invitation for a consultation with the doctor. Among other findings, the information revealed that during 70% of the calls, the physician’s office did not invite the caller in for a consultation. The manufacturer also learned that staff did not communicate clearly how the device solved the medical problem, a key factor in patient understanding and one that impacted patient willingness to visit the doctor to learn more. Mystery Shopping delivered these findings to the manufacturer quickly via web-based reporting. The results provided a solid sample of data upon which the medical device client could base future training initiatives
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