Food & Beverage Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Research Case Studies
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Revenue Generation via Upselling

A nationwide quick service restaurant chain, along with its beverage provider, partnered to conduct a drive thru promotional campaign. The beverage provider was interested in increasing fountain sales, but also in having the beverage fill evaluated by the mystery shoppers. The restaurant chain was interested in drive thru service times and key customer service behaviors. Mystery Shopping worked with both companies to develop a nationwide on-the-spot rewards mystery shopping program. Employees were rewarded for meeting specific criteria at specific customer touch points, such as greeting and thanking customers. Following the shop visit, the beverage fill was measured and then reported along with the mystery shop results. As a result of this promotional mystery shopping partnership program, fountain sales volume increased, suggestive selling improved by 36% and both companies received the cup size and fill information needed to make sizing decisions for the future.

Menu Test Marketing

Mystery Shopping was approached by a national advertising and promotion firm, which represented a foodservice chain. The chain was preparing to roll out new menu items and was conducting tests in two markets. The success of the test would determine a possible national roll out and senior management was concerned that employees did not understand the new items and would not mention them. Mystery Shopping devised a mystery shopping contest to educate and encourage employees at the test units to suggestively sell the test items. Mystery Shopping mystery shoppers tested for suggestive selling of the product, along with auditing the placement of the point of purchase materials featuring the new product. Sales of the test product improved which allowed the chain to achieve a sufficient sample size for the menu test. The product was successful and rolled out nationally, on time.
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